Saturday , January 28 2023

Women Tasmanian devil boys struggle with major cancer: Austrian research – Xinhua


SYDNEY, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) – Australian studies showed on Wednesday that Australian researchers have been struggling with cancer rather than male colleagues, demonstrating better understanding of the evolution of treatment and wildlife evolution.

Researchers at the University of Tasmania have observed the effects of the two wildlife of Tasmanian Devils, which are the largest marsuine predators in the world on the north-west of the Australian Island, for three years on the surface of the Devil's epinephroses.

As the cancer-related illness grew, it was found out that she was responsible for the unexpected situation, according to Manuel Ruiz, a leading researcher.

"The most surprising and exciting result is that while women get ill, they are much less likely to be physically present than men," he said.

"Women lose 25% of men's weight due to oncological diseases, whereas in women this effect reaches about 5 to 10%."

Research has identified the evolution of tumors and suggested that the female demon can offer some ways to treat illness rather than men.

According to Dr. Rodrigo Hamde, the author of the recent report, several studies have shown that animals have been adapted to cancer on the last five years.

"These devils are another layer of evidence that teaches you to live with cancer," says Hamde.

More studies should be made about the tolerance of males and females and their impact on wildlife, "said Ruiz.

The conclusions are published in the collection of scientific publications "Royal Society": Academic Journal of Biological Sciences.

"It helps to understand how devils and tumors develop in natural conditions and how these findings can supplement the current efforts to preserve this species," he said.

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