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14-year-old Stayer Julian Miessermay swam record


14-year-old Stayer Julian Miessermay swam record

STEYR. At the weekend Steyr Marvin Migbbauer U14 held the national record at 200 meters to 2: 11.64 minutes.

14-year-old Stayer Julian Miessermay swam record

Julian Mittermeyer, SC Steyr Photo: Hirsch

However, this record was dropped by Julian Mittermeyer, a colleague of his club at the 33rd International Debate Championship. ASK SC Steyr has improved its brand for more than two seconds, enhancing Miglbauers for more than a second, and faster than the 14-year-old Austrian 2: 10.58 minutes.

The best team

Also, the development of Ennsers Niklas Hockl River on the Steyr River is impressive. In eleven launches, he completed a real marathon program for 15-year-old Vkbrugg and improved his time in all competitions. He was awarded the Grand Prix of the year in March 2019 in Graz, Austria. Until now, two swimmers and five swimmers had stormed from Steyr.

In total, Steyr, with 18 athletes, went to 421 swimmers passing through weightlifting. Last year, nine men and boys won 30 medals this year after finishing with 21 medals. With 16 gold, four silver and ten bronze medals, Siderers also creates the best team.

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