Monday , June 5 2023

A child care worker picked up child pornography –


During a search of 34-year-old Klagenfurt homicide, the police found photos of hundreds of children who had been sexually explicit. Sometimes the girls are three years old. She worked as a suspect child educator.

European investigators have reported to the Federal Criminal Police Office that Klafenfurt's colleagues are advised to look closely at the person. His computer's IP address has been spotted on relevant sex pages. The police have been detected for several weeks, "said the Klagenfurt City Police Commander Richard Plic. The man was responsible for his curiosity.

Investigators: There is no attack on a particular job

A child who has been collecting sexually explicit images of children from South America, Thailand and other Asian countries has been working as a child educator a few months ago. She had to stop her work. According to investigators, there is no connection. The researchers have surprised the pictures and videos of hundreds of children. Over the past four years, people have collected from 3,000 to 5,000 files.

Files sent

According to Pikell, officials should have a certain distance, but it is not easy to look at these materials. The researchers did not exclude the possibility of producing relevant images, but it moved to other platforms. The man is still big.

Investigators hope for a negative impact, but they do not make any illusions: the children's porn industry looks like a hydra – if you hit the head, it grows three new ones. Manufacturers can not be pulled out. The suspects are awaiting court trial up to three years in prison. However, according to the investigator, the term usually is not for the first time committed to criminals. The 34-year-old is still perfect.

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