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After Jens died: Danny Butler did not understand what he had lost


Daniela Bchchner (40) after the death of her husband Jens (49) takes time to recover. On Saturday night, Germany's successor to a luck died shortly after heavy cancer. Apart from his children, his wife, Danny, continued to the end. Now he is widowed in Mallorca and five times his mother voluntarily lives. Although he decided to stay with his descendants on a daily basis, Jens did not even realize his death even after a few days: Her husband thinks that every moment she is walking through the door.

The situation is so difficult for Daniel, you can not imagine it. Since the beginning of November, Jens learned about lung cancer – he has been cured since then, and now he has lost his fight. The 40-year-old girl was struck by the fate of the fate. Counterpart picture Jens manager Carsten Hooter explained: "Daniel is still in the wind and can not believe him, he sometimes invites me and says," He will come home soon. "

Jens' body was killed on Tuesday, three days after his death, and is expected to be buried next week in the country of Mallorca. Danny's slow start to pain after the organizational stress.

Daniela and Jens BüchnerInstagram / buechnerjensPhoto gallery button
Daniela and Jens Büchner
Jens Boucher in MallorcaActionPress / Chris Emil Janßen

Jens Boucher in Mallorca
Daniel and Jens Büchner, stars of Goodbye GermanyInstagram / dannibuechner

Daniel and Jens Büchner, stars of Goodbye Germany

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