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Alzheimer 's Coffee And Heart Disease "works against

Is coffee okay? In recent years, many scientists have been involved in the problem. Although some warned that boiling water and causing damage to the heart, researchers at the University of Toronto have had a positive effect on coffee. Proper coffee beans, in particular dark frying, can not be tolerated such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

The decisive factor is the ingredients, the group of phenylinds, produced as part of the frying process. Three coffee was tested – roasted lightly roasted, dark fried and black caffeinated. According to researchers Ross Manchini, Yanfei Wang and Donald Weaver, black roots (as well as disintegrated) have a particularly high proportion of phenylline and constrict the production of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's associated proteins (beta-amyloid and mountain). CONCLUSION: The longer the coffee is, the more coffee can be found in the phenylline.

The investigation does not answer the question of how coffee is healthy. It is also unclear whether coffee is used as a therapist. Subsequent studies are deemed necessary.

Relationship between coffee and life?

According to statistics conducted by Imperial College Mark Gungert in 2017, coffee consumption can affect longevity. To this end, data from long-term EPIC (European Perspective Therapy and Anesthetic Surveys) have been compared to more than half a million people from ten European countries. As a result, people who drink coffee have reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and digestive tract disease.

However, excessive consumption of black burn should not be avoided. Mark Gunther, the lead author of the research, warned: "Depending on the limitations of observer research, we offer more or less of the consumption of coffee." However, the normal coffee consumption in three cups per day is not harmful, but may be beneficial to your health.

>> Study at the University of Toronto

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