Saturday , June 25 2022

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's first trial day


Two years ago, Angelina Jolie filed a petition for Brad Pitt's divorce. There has been a bitter defensive battle between the two Hollywood stars since then. This can be history soon.

In the decisive round of the Rose War: Brad Pitt (54) and Angelina Jolie (43) took several months to care for six children, and the first day of the trial on December 4. Instead of Christmas, parents are from Vivienne (10), Knox (10), Shiloh (12), Zahara (13), Pax (14) and Maddox (17).

Negotiations can last until summer 2019

According to new court documents, retired cell-recorder John Oudckerker is in charge, reports the US Radar online portal. The attorney has taken the care of the two Hollywood stars, and will continue the two negotiations until June 30, 2019. It shares Joli and Pitt.

Jolie gave Pitt the financial information

The upcoming court days will be a good star, the American portal The Blast reports. The reason for this is that Angelina Jolie has been giving all the information about her assets to the other party. Finance has always been a controversial issue of trust. Pitt, with much more wealth now than Jolie, needs to disclose his finances.

Both want to quench their arguments

After months, all the signs are agreed. Jolie and Pitt finally want to eliminate their clashes, the news portal reports. In late August, the Human Rights representative Angelina Jolie said he hired a new lawyer and set up a new strategy in the negotiations. "Angelina wants to focus on family medicine first," she says. On December 4, two actors will be on stage on the first rounds of the world during the peace period. (DBK)

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