Thursday , August 18 2022

Before Salzburg – Leipzig: Why should not Gijon be an option?


Gijon 1982 – There is no match between football Austria i Germany it was so fun

group game World Championships Spain, The Germans won a peace treaty that did not create an aggression that had caused the whole world a dissatisfaction. In the second round, he brought both teams to 1-0, Algeria I had to go home.

Today she is coming Europa League again to duel Austria versus Germany, Red Bull Salzburg receive RB Leipzig in the second group game There are clubs in this form, as the drink company puts its money on football (18:55, live Puls4. RTL Nitro, DAZN).

Stars of Group B now produce similar results 36 years ago Salzburg less than harmful

Leipzig help. There is an agreement on the outcome of the club's being shared. Of course, these responsible people are directed to the legendary sphere.

exceptional Salzburg can be repeated Gijon but not absolutely – for many reasons:

Initial position: Draw enough Austria In any case, progress and team wins for the master. On the way Glasgow For Celtic alone during the Advent Camp in just two weeks will be a good trip. It's against the game Leipzig on the other hand, because Celtic is associated with parallel play Trondheim We must win. It can happen at 0: 1 Salzburg last group game There is a difference even though there is a defeat for two goals, but this is against the RBL, however, because of the desire to save Salzburg, the game in the Celtic Park is very tense. Leipzig On December 13, a rise in combat against Rosenborg.

Reputation: The project Red Bull not only Austria has been critical of the drink company since its entry into football 13 years ago. If today's game is not working properly, that would be a real challenge for critics. Both clubs do not care about each other.

Competition: And even in the Red Bull football team, it's not all that happy, just like in a family. This competition has always been – not only when it comes to the Red Bull Award. At the first stage of the sporting competition, the rare team in Salzburg was very challenging, with the score 3: 2 after the last goal Leipzig,

Money: ever since Red Bull is only a sponsor, Salzburg depends on other sources of income – for example, bonuses

European Cup, Against the Victory Leipzig Brought 570 thousand euros, reached 190 thousand euros, increased to 500 thousand euros and won one million euros for a group win. More than a million euros will allow the German team to compete against Red Bull.

The UEFA: The competition was organized simultaneously by two Red Bull clubs in 2017 only after intensive testing European Cup allowed. However, both clubs are under the strict supervision of competent guardians who are closer to today's game.

Country rating: For himself Ajax Amsterdam for knockout stages Champions League qualification Austria one more seventh place The Netherlands lost. If this defender is a national champion, it will guarantee a permanent location of the Champions League. Salzburg Thus, in order to maintain the chances of a team position of the Champions League in 2020, it is necessary to achieve their interests.

Fans: For the first time this season Red Bull Arena was sold. But 29.520 spectators do not really want to play games. Salzburg In recent months, he has regained many audiences with strong performances. And, perhaps, this team is again scared if it can not take up today's reputable duel.

Series: In all home competitions, he did not compete for two years, at the Red Bull Arena, he lost 15 European Cups and lost at least 26 matches this season – Salzburg you can boast of its successful series, which can not compare you to defeat Leipzig to finish.

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