Saturday , October 16 2021

Big balls in the Carl

At present, the Aerosene art installation has two dimensional diameters in Karlsruhe, two are seven, the other is more than ten meters. They are the start of artistic interventions.

Tomas Saraceno's artistic construction often opens up new perspectives. "It's about new ideas," says an Argentine artist. Readers move in the center of the church at the rotating altitude. Half-transparent, one covered with a reflector face, the observer can not only detect himself, but also can reach all the corners of the church without going too far. The fortresses are absolutely invisible, showing the light nature of things.

Start a creative series

"Aerocene" is the first project of the Karlsruhe Modern Art Series, commissioned by the Friends and Students Association of the Church. Curator Moritz Schftitz "is glad to be working on this project for a long time." Saraceno's works can now be seen in a year, and then additional installations are run on a regular basis.

"There are fewer projects in the European Church," said Stefitsic, associating religious roles and modern art. Saraceno is a personal concert in Belvedere, as is 21 – another aspect of the debate: from the scientific point of view. In any case, transport, pollution and public participation are important to him. "How can I make corridors without fossil fuels?" He asked.

Church science

His artistic and scientific views are now in the church. "We all work together and from different societies, ideas and beliefs can be very different." In any case, he responded perfectly to the existing space, and the composer praised the painting. "It is important to think about architecture and to handle this volume," he said. The views of the visitors are not limited to the strong and impressive design of Charles.


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