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Carbohydrate-dependent! Why low coal diet is so difficult


Good but unsatisfactory figure: We are dependent on carbohydrates! Why low coal diet is so difficult

Researchers have described low-weight diet as one of the best ways to keep healthy. Favorite dishes, such as curry, pizza, and cake are the best. Sometimes we sin.

In the story of Low-Carb, this is a "carbox" or carbohydrate-based diet, at least not long and thick: noodles, white bread, cakes and sugar. Good carbohydrates, especially vegetables and sugars, are ideally suited for meat and fish that are fried or fried in good vegetable oils.

Those who consistently participate in the principle of lower carbi can not only maintain good health, but always maintain a new weight. The latter demonstrated a nutritional study published in the BMJ magazine in November 2018.

Low-carbon diet adds extra calories

Research led by David Ludwig, a nutritionist at Harvard University, found that hydrocarbon diet is the best way to survive after losing weight. Five months later, after a low carbon diet, subjects burn more than 250 kilocalories per day compared to a smaller diet control group. Due to the release of carbohydrates, the levels of ginseng hunger hormone were very low. It stimulated metabolism and helped to prevent yo-yo after diet.

Thanks to Low Carb!

our PDF guide regardless of the low carbon diet, will indicate how you are going to increase your metabolism.

Zucchini does not replace cotton candy

Due to low carbon content, the principle of diet and nutrition is the catch: the "prohibited" carbohydrates, which often make us feel good, content and happy. And: it is difficult to just sit, for example, instead of a table, eat the chocolate peel. Thus, passion becomes an uncontrolled feeding.

This desire relates to childhood experiences and finger tips, such as potatoes, spaghetti bolones, or nutty nggas in non-olive paste. Often the sweet or favorite food, such as gifts or comfort. It also works in adults when they are damaged: then goes to the chocolate pudding, not to the vegetable sticks.

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And sweet, creamy and soft – all the carbohydrates and starch benefits – we were born on our cradle. Infants sucked candy to sweet milk and programmed all the time.

Fast – acting carbohydrates and insulin – vomiting circles

Then there is something insulin. The hormone stimulates fat cells to store fat. In addition, after nutrition, insulin secretion is mainly determined by the carbohydrates consumed, especially by easy digestion macaroni, starches and sugars – the basis of products we often request. Even a small amount of carbohydrates stimulates insulin secretion. And as the insulin is released a lot, we know how much our body needs carbohydrates.

Fat instead of carbohydrates – and calories counting

Dr. David Ludwig is recommended as one of the nutrients that are not well-respected in the strong sense of carbohydrates: fat. Reason: it is full and does not affect insulin secretion. It does not mean fat and bacon, but high quality vegetable oil, walnuts, oily fish or avocado. "Proper nutrition can overcome food intake," says a good supporter of low carbon diets.

If you follow this principle, you do not always have to count calories, and you'll get a bottled hydrocarbon from a pizza or confectionery store.

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