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Command & Conquer and C & C: Red Notice


If you have good warmth before this screenshot, there is a good news for you.If you have good warmth before this screenshot, there is a good news for you.

Old-fashioned players are jumped to the platform for real-time strategic players: EA announced first in Reddit Command & Conquer, Epithet Tiberium Conflict and its successor, C & C: Red Alert.

Not on many smartphones but in PC! Earlier EA is planning to think about Remaster. It is clear that they are beginning at the beginning of the legendary game series, so real-time strategy can not be dead!

EA also publishes the C & C promising statement:

"A month ago, we announced to the public that we started the brand with a new initiative and brought it to the PC."

This makes EA a great deal even if it wants to revive franchisees with new brands. But this is a realistic assumption that the actual information is in relation to the published editor of C & C 1 and 2 – their announcement will take place soon after Blizzard's release of the Warcraft 3 remix.

Calling Veterans

For this purpose, the publisher is a partner with Petroglyph, whose founders are mostly erased former developers of Westwood Studios – Two C & C original developers in 1995 and 1996. Thus, in real-time, Urguste leaders should be aware of the original C & C appearance in their new editions. Joe Bostick, Steve Tall, and Mike Leggabs have come up with a modernized version of classics in the future – with some former developers we talked about the future of the genre:

Did the real-life strategy end? This is how the creators of C & C, Warcraft & Age of Empires

Below you will find a brief video where developers officially bring you the mood of the remaster. By the way, they know that the news suddenly works again at Team & Conquer.

Both games look the same together Remaster collectionAccording to EA data, Commander & Conquer has been included in the anti-clashes and Red Alert spare parts and included in the Retaliation Remaster. On the other hand, it is desirable to distribute the entire non-invasive microtransmission EA.

If you want to learn more about the Command & Conquer method, which is long and not always glorious, we have a final report for Pluus users, which can be accessed by clicking the button below:

Command & Conquer: A big series, worthy of ending

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Decrease in C & C – Part 1: RTS upgrade

Decrease in C & C – Part 2: Reached the peak

Decrease in C & C – Part 3: Deep decline

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