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Cross-country skiing: Duke for Tomakomai


Vanessa Herzog's strong start to the skating season continues in Tomacomai, Japan.

He took the second place in the first row of the 500-meter run and beat Japanese Japanese hero Nao Koddai, such as Obihiro, on the last weekend.

However, Japanese makes a clear note in 38.03 seconds, Herzog is less than 0.44 seconds.

Tomacomay Hokkaido, the first open-air track for the World Cup in ten years, will not be the only tent.

Reduces the old record in Herzog

Vanessa Herzog won, but he had to take advantage of Nao Kodaya.

"He spent a wonderful time, so I have to win the second place," said the World Cup winner. "I started gravitation, but after the first 100 meters it was a very good one." Herzog Kodaimir is in the final duo at the final.

Kodyraya is behind 1.22 seconds ahead of the previous record, and Duke has reached Darya Kachanova, 21, the world champion for the first time. On the other hand, the root of the florist is considered to be disqualified at the start of the mass start, but has previously eliminated its nomination and therefore does not compete.

Gentlemen have problems

The 1967 World Windsurfing Wind Tour, which was built in 1967, will continue in the Duke of Persia in the second 500m race on Saturday (9:26 CET).

On Sunday (6.30pm), Carrint has about one thousand contests for the election. At this distance, the UFO Athlete celebrated the third stage of the World Championship in Obihoiro last Sunday.

Their teams, Floris Roth and Armin Hejer, have been disqualified in the semi-finals of the mass competition. At Part B, which is over 500 meters, Root is the last runner in 38.55 seconds – over three hundred slower than the Duke.

The World Cup in Speedometer at Speedometer / Japan:

Ladies – 500m / 1 racing: 1. Nao Kodaira (JPN) 38.03 seconds (track) – 2. Vanessa Duchs (AUT) 38.52 – 3. Darya Kachanova (RUS) 38.82.

World Cup 500m (after three out of eleven): 1. Kokayra 180 points – second hymn 162 – 3. Olga Fatkulina (RUS) 126

Gentlemen – 500m: 1. Tatsuya Shinhama (JPN) 35.45 (track entries). Continue (Division B): 1. Kjeld Nuis (NED) 35.90. Next: 26. Floris Root (AUT) 38.55. Massage (8th in each finals) – 1st semifinal: 1. Bart Swing (Bel). Next: 17. Root disqualification. 2nd semifinal: 1. Cheon-Ho (KOR). Next: 15. Armine Hawger (AUT) was disqualified

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