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Cyber ​​Monday Week and Black Friday: Here you are really saving


39.6 percent can keep consumers on the market today, starting Monday (cyber Monday), and especially when it sells stores in black November (November 23) and cyber Monday (November 26). This is a domestic consumer forum Price hunter During the cyber attack, he has been dealing with 240,000 monthly users and over the past five years analyzing Black Friday's 640 offers. In 2017, the average rate was 31.9% (51.75 euros). Customers should be particularly skeptical if the trader promotes discounts up to 90% in the coming days. There are 10 best black and white quotes from cyber Monday.

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Discount promotions do not always follow

Many deals are currently under discussion. In fact, consumers can find cheap stores on cyber-weekly and black-february, as thousands of online stores and traditional retailers reduce their prices during the hot business of Christmas business. We concentrated on technology-related products. However, consumers should consider the advertising pledge as unscrupulous, and advise price-hunters. Trade analysts know that the "black Friday" has been tracked since the 2007 debut and promoted by promises of fraudulent pledges to many sellers. Repayment is not calculated based on market prices but at a much lower selling price (NBU). In order to avoid the benefits, consumers should first be aware of current prices and discounts.

Here you can really save money

Apps and software

Good news: In the week of cyber and especially on Black Friday, consumers can save money. Some even get it for free: software manufacturers for smartphones and tablets, and software for the PC and Mac are often offered free of charge with their programs. In 2017, consumers could download several weather and antivirus programs, as well as (old) games for free. As a result, over the past five years, software and software have grown by 70.0 percent.

Games and Streaming

Even the players and synthetics can save one or another euro on the cyberweight. Over the past five years, an average of 40.8 per cent and a 35.1 per cent savings last year were not higher than the software and software. In some cases, fans of the game and movie were able to save considerably more last year. For example, Sky's Pay-TV broadcaster offered a two-month-long 9,99 month ticket for 40,97 euros, and users of Steam's platform could download up to 80 percent discount.

Electronics and Toys

Toys and Electronics Discounts have been stable in recent years, but not too high. Prices are especially popular in Christmas, with toys declining by an average of 28.6% during the Five-Year Plan period. Traditionally, buyers of electronic goods can save a lot of money. Over the past five years, TVs, smartphones and gaming console products have dropped by 27.4 percent and by 2017 to 25.6 percent. The reason is that the electronics products are relatively low, and the margin for discounts, similar to retailers. In addition, electronics products are in great demand, especially in Christmas, and even sell cheaply.

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