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Diabetes mellitus Type 2: Who obeys the rule, obtains blood sugar in control


Most diabetics suffer from Type 2 diabetes mellitus. You do not have to swallow tablets or throw the insulin immediately. The following simple measures can achieve normal blood glucose levels.

People with Type 2 diabetes have a good chance of managing their disease due to diet and exercise changes. First of all, heavyweight diabeticists should lose weight, said Berliner Charity diabetologist Knut May. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are closely linked.

Obesity of organs that can cause type 2 diabetes

In people with type 2 diabetes mellitus – the most common type of diabetes – Although the body produces the sugar hormone hormone, it does not work properly in the cells. This insulin resistance may be due to obesity.

Type 2 diabetes loses weight and moves morefat burns are strengthened, and organs and muscles respond better to insulin. The harmful people must first strive for a healthy lifestyle. Only if drugs do not reach that goal.

Weight loss works well with formula diets

However, loss of weight to achieve moderate blood sugar levels is very beneficial, said Andreas Pfeiffer, professor of Potsdam-Rebruk, of the German Institute for Nutrition Studies (DIfE). In the first six years after getting acquainted with diabetes, it loses at least 15 kg, According to a study from the UK, has good opportunities.

Professor Overweight patients are called formula diets. The food is partially or completely replaced by liquid dissolved in the liquid. «The patient consumes about 800 kilocalories a day for eight weeks– says Professor May.

220 kg eliminates half the weight of the human bodyNow he looks like this,

Important for type 2 diabetes: hold normal weight

It is important that this is under medical supervision. Why? «For example, high blood pressure usually decreases with weight loss – Then you have to correct the medicines correctly. " According to Professor Fat, patients lose a diet with a formula up to 8 to 15 percent of body weight.

According to Pfeiffer and Mai, it is difficult to maintain weight. "Unfortunately, we will heal patients promptly," says May. His advice is: At the baby's desk, you can find out how the optimal diet looks, "Studies have shown that this protein-rich and glycemic index should be low."

The mother loses half of her weightthanks to a little imagination,

Diabetes is an important diet

Mai offers relatives of the victimsAt first, it is difficult to treat healthily when it is not present at the table. Second, a balanced diet is beneficial for all people.

In addition, exercises are essential as much as possible to ensure maximum fat loss, but as muscle mass is a part of weight loss. After that, the corn experience the best in the group, His advisor is "find a colleague or whole workgroup". Consequently, the inhibitory limit is not large and does not go to exercise. Finally someone is waiting for him.


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