Tuesday , August 16 2022

Double World: MMO will go to the alpha test with a new trailer


It's worth noting that Novaquark today publishes a dual alpha version.

This is the most important step in the evolution of civilization's prosperity since the successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign in 2016 – updating content is awaiting all Alsta testers!

The game consists of four main columns: exploration, construction, trade and conquest. The two spheres of Alpha 1 give life to the first three aspects of this massive science-fantastic sandbox, allowing players to explore the contents of their hearts and to create everything they want. There are no restrictions on groundbreaking and futuristic cities, including interstellar travel and space shuttles to the planet.

Additionally, players will take much more space for creativity by launching Alpha 1. Due to the intense terrorist activity of the developers, Aliio, the leader of the game, reached the area near to the UK. It is not only the first, but also the largest ever static, studied planet in the MMO.

In addition to land-mining and construction, Alpha 1 offers a wealth of tools to help build, transport, store, and sell many building materials. Couple The player needs all the resources they need to use it in the first hierarchy of the universe's work system!

The preview of the main features of Alpha 1 content and expectations from future stages of development is reflected in the roadmap:

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<p>But this is just the beginning of an interstellar journey of Dual Avance. Certainly, the strong presence of the community since the beginning of development and the feedback from players – veterans or newcomers – are of great value as the team creates a realistic game meta-song and turns science fiction into reality.</p>
<p>As evidence of the aspiration for this approach, Dual Universe knows all the Kickstarter fans will be given the amount of time they spend on Alpha 1 by the end of the year. Thus, the game's population is available to more than 11,000 players, all of them playing the same server successfully.</p>
<p>Dual Universe is now available in Alpha version 1. Alpha 2 release is scheduled for the first half of 2019. Current updates for a Dual World are available on the official website.</p>
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