Friday , February 3 2023

Fallout 76: We write a test with you


Fallout 76 had several turbulent weeks, with beta and release. Many of you are in the wetlands of West Virginia. Now, we want to write a test for you online. We would like to hear your opinion.

Starting November 14, you will be able to run the Fallout 76 universal gaming world, Appalachia. For the first time in the Fallout category, you can do this not only with your friends but also with your friends.

Now let us know: How do you like it? What are the first impressions of Fallout 76? We want to write a test with you. Here we have to share your impressions with you, and then combine them as much as possible.

Fallout 76 Celebrating People

Become a MeinMMO Tester!

What should be the test at that time? You might want to consider it a little spacious and visually written in your box: Red Dead Redemption 2 Test – How do you estimate this? We were amazed at the strongest user experience for RDR 2, and now we want to extend this concept to Fallout 76.

We re-emphasize the individual users in this post and form the basic elements of the comments. The authors of will take part in the most important sections for you.

In progress: We will call again a few weeks later to update the test, as it will learn more about long-term motivation. This is a first day trial.

This offer of Fallout 76:

  • A great game world in the late Apocalypse desert of West Virginia
  • The elements of "mild life" are for survivors to survive, famine and desert
  • Ability to trade with other players through the usual downturn
  • Quests and players like history, but no NPCs
  • For hobbies there is a unique system that can be used to build arms and equipment and to build their own base
  • RPG elements, such as master and percuping and creativity

You want to hear about Fallout 76

Some of you are part of this first Fallout, and others are global franchise fans. Fallout 76 lets you play in a variety of ways, and we look forward to hearing from you about how to approach Online Survival RPG.

How you can participate: Write down your conclusion – this is also a great deal! It also explains in more and more ways in the comments on what you like about Fallout 76. Do you have the same flaws as your Fallout 76 bombarded Metacritic with negative reviews or some of the people you expect to play in and who like it for that reason?

Alternative User Review: We also include reviews written by the MyMMO Users Review System. Find Fallout 76 on our page.

How you estimate Fallout 76? Participate in the survey and state the rating of Fallout 76.

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