Friday , October 7 2022

Film Project: Carnival Fever: Milser Volksbühne wants to infect people


MILS. Bejaz died, was killed all night, now in the city of Mills. Who is the murderer? Anyone – a friend, an enemy, or even a mayor? The unique figure – Bujaz – Milser Fasnacht serves not only as an eye-catcher, but also as a secret for a criminal case.

Predator in Tyrol

Volksbühne Mils amateur artists make a special idea – for example, in the first Volksbühne in Tyrol – a feature film. All the mechanisms are driven to start production. Most of the people working in the project are volunteers. They record e-mail, burn burners, or scan a microscope during normal operation. Even if it's a lot of work, actors and organizers have a real Gaudi: This is definitely the case with the Milser Reschenhof PC. At the presentation of the film, they encouraged each other, and how good the shooting was. Some scenes are over, the rest will be filmed until December. Then big pieces appear: Carnival parade is on the spot. This project involves not only Volksbühne Mils, but also other clubs, such as the Mengerer, the team, the fire brigade, or even the municipality.
From the budget of 40 thousand euros – private sponsors and subsidies – a movie will appear. Funding is almost guaranteed, charitable, but sincerely welcomed, as there are still several thousand euros. The Thriller was written by Christian Pitt and recorded in the theater. However, as they were too flexible on the stage, they released the script from PipPittle and sent Helga Fyöger-Pitt, who had been working as a director for many years at Wolfchhoek.

In the spring there is nothing

The big project refuses to play at the same time in the spring. Usually Volksbühne plays twice a year. However, by 2019, Carnival Fever will fit into the film. At, the trailer gives you a "terrible taste."

The first shooting of the film "Fasnachtsfieber"
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