Tuesday , August 16 2022

Increased HIV diagnosis: "Who knows the infections, has the advantage"


Innsbruck – The number of new HIV diagnoses in Tyrol has risen significantly in the short term – from 33 to 46 in 2015. The hepatitis B and C hepatitis also grows. Today, the European HIV / AIDS Week is held for the sixth time, and Tyrolean Aid Aid has tested itself.

"About 50 percent of new infections are related to people who do not know the existence of HIV," said Lydia Domoradzki, the head of the Soviet Center. The inhibition threshold for the test should be reduced. This diagnosis reduces the number of infections, and in Tirol there are about 900 people with HI virus.

Currently, hepatitis C can be healed, and he has lost his horrors through HIV infection therapy. There is also a dark side. Triper, syphilis and coffee are spread again, and infections increase rapidly as sometimes sexually-intoxicated sexually explicitly with condoms. "Classical, almost disappeared venereal diseases are now rebuilding," says Tyrol Aids Aull's psychologist. "Who knows how to infect his or her infections?"

It is important for children and adolescents to already know about sexual and venereal diseases. Tiroler Aids-Hilfe currently conducts surveys at schools to determine where the prevention is good for children. The first results of surveys conducted in 2020 show that 77 percent of 201 surveyed students described extrabudgetary as an important source of information. (Bfk)

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