Saturday , October 23 2021

iPad Pro 2018 and Apple Pencil 2: The first look inside


IPad Pro repair is very difficult: the tablet's hard-sealed screen can be slow and very careful only when the iFixit displays a new 11 "iPad Pro, but without the display tape cables, it should not be accidentally damaged when opening and repair service.

The replacement screen and the battery can be accessed: The battery is fixed with a restored ribbon and the repair surface is explained. But Apple also uses the glue to protect the battery – the battery change is much more difficult. The mother's hob still remains. Unlike the Lightning port, the iPad Pro 2018 can be replaced with a "full-modular" and can be replaced regardless of the motherboard in case of a defective USB-C port.

When cutting the second generation of Apple Pencil, iFixit opens a capacitive sensor that is packed in a stylus. It will support other movements, as it would be possible to find a precise point of contact. The new pencil now has two cranes, for example, to change the tool used in the painting application or to show the palette.

Sticky stripes show easy removal of the battery – but this is supplemental.

(Photo: iFixit)

At the point of internal repair, iFixit will give the new iPad Pro 3 out of 10 points, which is one times more than the previous model – the higher the value, the fixes should be easy. Although Apple is looking to get a lot of experience to provide all the iPad components, but the manufacturer has focused on three new new products – iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini-2018 – so much better fixing iFixit.


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