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It's late for the winners


It's late for the winners

LINZ. Topic: Trainer Joseph Chopf was happy with "Altyn Leo" and won the winner Lucas Weissheimer, LASK won the ninth time. It was the premiere of Sofia Polzhanova

It's late for the winners

The winner of the 44-year-old athlete's title was LASK captain Gernot Trainer, while the table tennis scene, Sofia Polzhanova, was the first sportsman of the year, Lukas Vaishkhajinger, to win the 2016. Photo: VOLKER WEIHBOLD

This solemn, atmospheric and sporting informal atmosphere was on Tuesday evening, with the highest Austrian athlete being honored at Linz-Pale Cafmanniser Verein. For the 44th time, the OÖNachrichten election was organized by Sportland Oberösterreich. A long tradition of writing and writing history.

This time, along with others, Joseph Shopf. There were many reasons for the unforgettable evening of Innviertler. At first, a 65-year-old athlete was awarded the "Athlete of the Year" prize, along with his horse racer Lucas Weissheimerger. Then E.M. the longtime and longtime trainer of the colonel has also been working for Altyn Leva and for the honorable prize of the ODS. It is also noteworthy (almost) noteworthy representatives of the most important athletes. Good news did not stop for Shopp. Weißhaidinger does not train in Vienna for several days as usual, but with him in Taufkirken an der Drama. Being able to work with the Luke house is like a christmas gift for the Shopp. "The gift is a great honor for me," says Weisheimer, Vincent Krishehair, who won the ski jump, his prize – his sister Jakipa and bicyclist Lucas Piedlberger.

Despite the fact that the athlete occupied the second place, he was the first to make Sofia Polzhanova. "As I go to the front, I'm not expecting it," said the first place in table tennis in Europe. His Linz AG Froschberg club was postponed to the Superliga game, and as a result, he paid the money. Seven winners Verena Priner and Gildegart Platzer were born in Bigget Platzer, a 24-year-old midfielder who went to foreign competitions.

The winner for teams was LASK last year and the ninth time. "This award indicates that the club is on the right track," said Gernot Trawner. The Captain used the opportunity to express his gratitude to Judy for his wife the day before his first birthday. She is "empty" at home and says, "She always sleeps," says a young father in the Austrian sport family. Many myths, including meetings, brought one or two delicacies.

Thus, ex-canoeel Wolfgang Hartle was forced to attack. Cause: There is an agreement between Los Angeles's Olympic participant and judoist Joseph Reuter, according to which in each case there will be a Games Games of 1984. If one is forgotten, the other can give it a task. He writes about the athlete's choice.

The next gala night

The results of the PACE Athlete's competition at the Palais Kaufmännischer Verein election will be held on February 8, 2019. LOVE with Gola Night Sports, organized by OÖN in Brucknerhausen in Linz, will again show the best athletes in the country. The meeting of the upper Austrian sports family is not a party for closed society – a festive evening, rather than a Tuesday evening, on Tuesday. Traditional gala night, filling in Bracknerhaus, gathered for decades. Also in 2019 there is a sports, show program and many musical programs.

Tickets are available online at each Ö-Ticket, WKB, Brucknerhaus and

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