Saturday , June 3 2023

Like metalworking workers, railway workers also work on the railroad sector on Monday


The trade union remains open to know how much the train drivers are on Monday or beyond. Today, only in the afternoon, he will give detailed information. Employers have criticized the strengthening of the union as "incomprehensible and incomprehensible."

"After the intense debate, the charitable trade union bodies have decided to warn the entire railroad industry nationwide," said Railway Executive Director Roman Hebenstrett and Gunter Blumfaler. "The employers did not leave us anything: the railroaders created Austria one by one in the EU and did not cheat on charity while increasing wages. The last offer was that employers criticized Hebenstreit for moderate inflation only 15 euros a month. The offer was "funny".

The employer said that the chief negotiator, Thomas Sheyber, made a "serious and fair offer" in the eighth round, which was abolished all night long from Wednesday to Thursday. The offer of employers "since January 1, 2019, exceeds 3%. In addition, there are other changes in the Basic Law, "said Shaiber. However, it is important to consider changes in this law in detail. Therefore, on December 5, employers were invited to the ninth round. Whether it's a long time before escalation or not.

Hebenstreit has renewed the need for "fair delivery" that should ensure inflation compensation and fair share of economic growth, as well as improving the performance of the railwaymen and the framework legislation. Interest does not officially designate employees. According to the reports, it should be 5 percent. "Our demands will now be strengthened by trade union action, and we are ready to return to the negotiating table if the Chamber of Commerce has a fair offer."

However, employers' members feel that their voluntary voluntary wage is up by 3% on their own initiative. "Most of the railroad workers have responded to the recommendation of the industrial community and it is important that they pay their advance by 3% since October 2018," said Sheibe, referring to employers' actions, which provoked the union's incitement. "It means that our employees know about the rise in salaries before Christmas," said the employer's representative.

Rail KV provides more than 60 companies with nearly 40,000 salaries and wages. Large companies are Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). (STI)

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