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Next year, 1,200 trainers will lose their jobs at AMS. «DiePresse.com


1200 people working in private schools will be dismissed next year, Der Standard reports. Of these, 300 are trainers who have been training German formerly renowned refugees. There are 900 other trainers who have conducted classical competitions. The reason for this is the program of economy that the government calls for employment.

The budget of the AMC will be reduced by 2019 by 1.5 billion euros. Actual numbers are not yet approved. The AMS Board of Directors did not make a decision on the budget for some open issues of the Ministry of Finance. There was a meeting on Tuesday. However, it was canceled and transferred to December.

However, it is clear that a special budget will be completely eliminated for the year in which the 50 million euro refugees will be united.

Unemployed coaches need to be supported

Head of the Department of Education Michael Sturm believes that half of the trainers who have lost their jobs can not find new jobs. To help them, social partners have laid their foundation. Funds of this fund should give future teachers the opportunity to teach themselves and get new jobs. In this regard, the state employment service amounts to 7 mln. It is expected that about EURO will be allocated.

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