Tuesday , August 16 2022

Niessl invites you to the provincial business conference – burgenland.ORF.at


Governor Hans Nessl (SPÖ) will call on the country's headquarters on Thursday and Friday to chair his headquarters in Stuartsbach (Gusing District). For the first time the EU Commissioner will take part in the meeting.

"The countries of Austria. Regional Governments "region Governor Hans Nesel (SPÖ) chaired the General Conference of the Province. The perspective of regional funding for the European Union 2021-2027 is the coordinator of the conference at Stegersbach.

Along with provincial governors, the EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs Gunther Oettinger and Karl Heinz Lambert, Chair of the Committee of Regions, are also on the list.

Competent correction, gambling and accommodation

Other topics discussed on Thursday and Friday: the need to streamline competencies in the federal and state-run workgroup, adapt and change the humanitarian law of gambling and living. Also, issues related to the creation of the Shoa Memorial will be discussed.

Farewell to Michael Affleck

Social attention is Michael Haupt's on Thursday evening. He was the head of the Vienna region for 23 years and in the end of May he favored Polit-Pensions.

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