Friday , February 3 2023

Paris Hilton is separated from her bride stars


This is Paris Girlfriend and actor Chris Tylka ("The Leftovers!") Two people posted their work in Instagram in January, showing their love for each other in the Instagram, even on the ski holiday romantic marriage offer in Aspen, but all is over!

Instagram & Co has no shared photos

Paris has deleted all the pictures in social networks. In addition, the insider confirmed the distribution of the American "People" magazine:

No attraction for them, and Chris's parents did not meet with Paris parents, they left a new date unnoticed on November 11; no one is surprised; Paris really wants to marry, and that does not mean she never works with Chris.

Not for a couple of weeks

Obviously, spouses were divorced several weeks after the relationship «Very fast evolved», The acquaintance of the couple is as follows: "He wants to be good and hopes for two friends to stay".

Some time ago Paris demanded that the wedding be postponed due to time restrictions. At that time her mother told TMZ: "She's propagating her perfume and her new line of skin care, and it's no longer time-consuming, they're perfectly compatible with each other, and we've just been together with them and loved their relationships."

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