Saturday , December 4 2021

Politzer Stadtplatz – lived forever on the bed of Upper Austria


Within the framework of the reconstruction of the Steyr City Hall, the district manager of the municipality, Franz-Michael Hinger, had great opportunities to supervise the construction site.

In the silk stones, the Council of the WU created its "Alley of Glory". Visitors get to know the name of Hingerl more closely. In front of the city hall, seven letters "H", "I", "N", "G", "E", "R", "L" will be distributed throughout the territory.

About a dozen builders were ordered to move their dung on their surname.

There was nothing except Hinterl's action. According to him, Mayor Gerald Hackley (SP) took the sink. "It's just like a twelve-year-old boy," said the mayor of Upper Austria.

For the local council, the pedestrian movement has received a bad result. Messages must be deleted again. And at your own expense.

You need to start on a Wednesday.

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