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Prostate Cancer: Instead of Surgery


Prostate Cancer: Monitoring of Operation Instead

Annually about 5,000 Australians suffer from prostate cancer. Photo: box with paint

Prostate Cancer: Monitoring of Operation Instead

Treatment of prostate cancer can have a negative side effect due to treatment and untreated – dangerous cancerous diseases are often anticipated and controlled rather than surgery.

According to Barbara Rochhofer,

November 14, 2018 – 00:04 AM

The average of patients with prostate cancer is 61 years. Annually, about 5,000 men in Austria face this challenge. Often, the prostate gland should be removed – a major non-complicated procedure for the patient. "But if all those who suffer immediately do not need surgery, and in extensive studies, there is a risk of cancer, we do not immediately cure the patient and control tumors," says Yuniv. Stephen Kraus, Director of the Department of Urology and Andrology at Kepler University Hospital.

This type of active control is inconvenient for small, prostate-defected tumors and low-risk patients.

Victims are constantly in touch with their doctor and conduct regular checks. If the disease is damaged, it can be cured immediately. Investigated people will not be able to overcome the shortcomings of early therapy, reports German Oncology Center.

Advantages of active breast cancer control in Linz last weekend: "Surgical treatment of prostate cancer can have side effects, such as instability and instability," said Stefen Krause, organizer of the Austrian Society of Urology and Andrology.

Here are the prospects for treating prostate cancer. "The new approach is to treat tumors alone, and focal therapy for the protection of surrounding tissue, which reduces side effects," says Krause.

From 45 up to the rules

Hormone therapy, which is not only for the operation, but also for prostate cancer, also produces many males. "Artificially lowering the testosterone's sexual hormone can have many adverse effects," says Primus Krause, "from the effects of breastfeeding and hot stroke." On the other hand, hormonal therapy is a great opportunity to improve living conditions in patients with prostate cancer. "I had a 98-year-old patient with a lot of metastases, and he can live well with hormone therapy."

Everyone older than 45 should regularly visit prostate cancer screening. If a man from a close family (father, brother, or brother) suffers from prostate cancer, think of precautionary measures up to 40 years, because in this case, cancer of the prostate cancer will increase several times.

Despite many studies, the real cause of prostate cancer is unclear. However, some of the risk factors that contribute to the development of prostate cancer are known. They include testosterone adult sexual hormones, age, environmental factors, heredity and high fat diet counts.

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