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Solarium, capsule or even better


Time of the year (again): We work from darkness to darkness, surprisingly, and do not get up in the morning. And we remember the first cold: We need to pay attention to the vitamin D households because deficiency affects many organisms, especially the immune system. But vitamin B is also important for bone growth, cell growth, and good mood. Always here! But how?

Our body can partly produce vitamin D. However, inadequate quantities. Vitamin D is mainly produced by the use of skin cholesterol, under ultraviolet rays. In addition, foods such as fish, liver, eggs, mushrooms, and even dark chocolate can be vitamin D. Of course, vitamin D supplements are also a solution. But will he bring something to go to the solarium? How many hours are left on the street to prevent vitamin D capsules? We have a dermatologist. Sebastian Rishel:

Vitamin D: Hormone?

Vitamin D is actually a hormone because it acts on nuclear. The term "vitamin" has a little bit of history, but it is naturalized. It is strongly resistant to strong power modulator and power supply. It regulates many medical conditions and can do much more than maintaining osteoporosis.

Can also get vitamin D in solarium?

You can achieve metabolic transformation of active vitamin D (1.25 cholecalciferol) with ultraviolet rays of solarium. However, due to the required amount, it can potentially damage the skin aging and this potential benefit will be eliminated.

Can Vitamin D Drop Without K2?

You will get D and K2 vitamins separately. This is often accompanied by the fact that both substances have the greatest effect on osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. However, vitamin D deficiency is insufficient, it does not require K2 and has nothing to do with osteoporosis.

Vitamin D administration

How much time do you need to avoid taking vitamin D capsules?

In the mid-European summer lunch, you need to be mindful of the skin for more than two or three hours a day to get enough of your daily D vitamin. At this time of the year, you can not afford 5% of the required amount.

How Can I Take Vitamin D Outside?

Vitamin D does not absorb light and sun in the intestine, not in the open air. This is done for the first time on the kidneys and then turned into skin and active vitamin D. At present, massive hysteria is selected from the point of view of a healthy day, so that after the sun's rays, vitamin synthesis almost completely dissolved D. In addition, Central Europe has seen a deficit of endemic vitamin D, which may be due to the polymorphism of the intestinal receptor. It requires daily doses of 20,000 IUs or more in order to break it down. Unfortunately, the day does not work.

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