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Many venereal diseases are rising. Especially to men. In the future, gonorrhea may also be a problem that can be cured. Bacteria are resistant.

Gonorrhea-causing gonococcus has learned a lot of different antibiotics, "says Mario Sarklietti, who heads an outpatient unit of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in the Innsbruck clinic. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the fungus among the most dangerous microbes, but in the long term there is no antibiotic therapy.

Mario Sarkulti

ORF / German Hummer

Ambulance Director Mario Sarklietti

According to Sarkletti, there are conditions in the world that do not allow gonorrhea to cure antibiotics. But that did not happen in Austria. Therefore, early diagnostics of the disease are important. The main danger to infection comes from those who do not know about their infections. Another problem with gonorrhea, for unknown reasons, indicates that today's symptoms are still unclear, says Sarklietti. Gonorrhea is an indication, but in addition, it may be the urethra burning with inflammation, especially in the morning.

The outpatient clinic is located in Innsbruck

While many women go to a gynecologist on a regular basis, men often go to a doctor, especially for sexually transmitted diseases. Sarklitz also sees a lack of old contacts. Thus, in the Innsbruck clinic, an emergency ambulance crew has been established for venereal diseases to cover this gap.

HIV is declining

HIV is declining, such as gonorrhea, syphilis or chlamydia infections. The disease has been cured since 1996. By 2020, WHO will undertake the "Tyrol" and the "90-90-90" achieved in Austria. 90% of the infected are diagnosed, 90% of whom are treated at least, and 90% of the patients have a virus that is below the detection limit. In this case, there is no risk of infection as new studies confirm.

Medicines provide protection against HIV viruses

In addition, there are currently medicines that can provide protection against or before HIV infection. This should be done to protect the infected needle from exposure to medical personnel after the slaughter. One of the most frequently described cases when one of them was parked on the shoulder was that Sarklates was less dangerous. This should be used again, so there is danger. "At first, pill" is useful for a very limited group of highly dangerous behaviors, but before that, there is a conversation and education, says the doctor.

Next week, 600 surgeons for skin and venerological illnesses will meet to discuss current events and countermeasures.

German Hummer, tirol.ORF.at

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