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The head of the Tesla company, Elon Mask, was interested in working with Daimler, the company's planned version of the Sprinter small truck. "Daimler / Mercedes would be interested to work with E-Sprinter," wrote Monday in Mus. "This is a great bath, we study." In February, the Mercedes / Benz Sprinter series launched the latest series. Next year, electronic versions are promised.

The start point for the Flute of the Daymus Day draws on – The World, written by Tesla Client, telling about his experience with Tesla Engineering, who came to the sprinkler to get his car from Mask. repair. Another user is sorry that he is not a Tesla carrier.

But Musa said, "Tesla is too big now
Agenda projects. There are therefore two versions: either
You will get a car without a battery, without wagons
Daimler software can be faster in cooperation
Electric sprinkler output. Or you do everything
alone and later.

He did not respond to Tesla Reiter's request for a Muslim tweet. The Daimler Group has declined to comment on whether it was open to work with Tesla. One spokesperson representing Massoud's interest in the speaker. Through Twitter, the corporation said, "Thank you to Gul, yes, this is a wonderful carrier …"

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche recently denied co-operation with an American pioneer. Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita told Zetsche in late October that he had not regretted the sale of Tesla shares four years ago. But that does not exclude cooperation in the future.

In 2014, Daimler sold a 4% stake in Tesla for $ 780 million. There is no need for financial participation in order to continue the cooperation, and the group justified that step. Tesla is also a challenging competitor for Mercedes in the market of electric cars. Stuttgart wants to get its first SUV Tesla to collect water that dominates the luxury segment.

Tesla with BMW more

Tesla, on the stock exchange, purchased more water from other American auto makers. The stock market value of the Ford Stock Exchange amounts to $ 36.8 billion, General Motors – at least $ 50.4 billion, Tesla – $ 60.7 billion. Electricity maker did not profit for the year and earned the first time in the last quarter. German car manufacturer Daimler (last year sales of € 164 billion, € 10.5 billion) are currently $ 61.8 billion on the stock exchange. The second car maker of the BMW currently has a stock value of $ 55.3 billion.

EQC: Together with this E-Mercedes, they want to compete with Daimler Tesla

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