Monday , December 6 2021

That makes their relationship so special


The history of spouses dates back to the 1970s. Then Prince Charles and Camilla met each other in a polo game. This was a first love affair, but their relationship ended only a year later, as Charles was trained for the British Naval Fleet. When he served in the high seas, he had a deep love for the former. In 1973, Camille married a friend, Andrew Parker-Bouls, and married two sons.

Although Prince Charles was still delighted with Camille since his return to London, in 1981, his horror, Lady Diana, joined Spencer in front of the altar. His two heroes bowed to Akkutan, and the British celebrated their beauty and true nature. Nevertheless, the relationship was abolished.

Finally, according to her, Camilla was a failure that led to her marriage. Prior to divorcing Charles Dianne in 1996, she and her ex-boyfriend were scandalous and wild. This came out later on from the published tape recordings.

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