Saturday , January 28 2023

The Peace Bell in Mainz Christchurch


MAINZ – The celebration of the 100th anniversary of World War I ended on Sunday. On the day of this important memorial day, Christendom has become a symbol of peace. The pop singer Michael Patrick Kelly presented the results of his heart project: "Peace" – a German "bell of peace." "Two years ago, I read an article that surprised me. 170 thousand church bells drowned in the war, "says Kelly, the source of her idea. Peace now restores this process. The First World War is a weapon of war, not only of peace, but also of change.

For the first time, 700 people came to hear the 340-kilogram peace symbol.

Lord Mayor Michael Ebling opened this event as a trustee of the project. "This project is a great signal, especially on this historic day." But not only at this time, but also the opening of the call is symbolic. Three of the four calls from Christendom were destroyed during the First and Second World Wars for weapons purposes.

14:56, Kelly and her spokeswoman, Wolfram Council, take the White Paper from the Peace Corps and sound a church sound. Kelly brought ideas to design and contributed to the casting process. The fifth commandment "Do not kill" – decorates the back of the bell and connects the singer to Christianity. There is also a small gift to the city of Mainz: the word "silence" in the eternal cycle around the bell is modeled after the Gutenberg Bible book.

The decline of the call also has a high symbolic effect: the abolished G3. The rifle is a weapon used today and used as a symbol of today's wars. "When the violence and radical tendencies are felt again, it is important to signal," said Kelly, of Paddy. Kelly's ringing is of special importance. Like the sound waves, you need to broadcast the World Tone. Until Thursday, Kelly's "World Peace Tool" can be seen in Christchurch. Then she goes to the singer for a concert where she is silent for a moment.

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