Thursday , August 11 2022

There is no copyright claim on beacon design


It is ready to negotiate, but achieving a friendly agreement is not two-way. This result ended with two hours of debate on the most important issues at the outset. "My client is involved in recognizing my father's life," said Peter Lutz, lawyer. According to him, the trial costs 5 million Euros. It is an important amount to introduce the success of life.

Ingrid Stein, the designer's daughter, demands compensation for justice – the type of compensation for a great deal of small bumps in the last seven years. Judge Jochen Meyer described the procedure as probable that it would be possible to pay too low.

Volkswagen believes this action is groundless. The performance of the comedian can be compared with today's designer, says VW lawyer. He noted that the events "lagged behind." Among other things, about 70 years ago, it was closed.

One of the questions we have to answer is, for example, regarding copyright and modeling. Is there a picture called the first welding since 1934 or since 1939? "From 1934, we have the idea of ​​documenting a beetle for the first time," said Peter Lutz, a representative of the candidate. Then the machine was further developed. In addition, the process also answers the question of how automotive production in Mexico and its sales outside of Germany.

The last beetle was launched in 2003 in Puebla, Mexico. In September of this year, Volkswagen was announced the end of 2019 as the Beetle successor VW Beetle. Ferdinand Porsche is a car designer.

At the end of July, the Stuttgart Regional Court rejected Porsche 911 and its earlier version of Porsche 356 copyright complaint. However, on the contrary, the appellate complaint was filed, and the lawyer expressed optimism to both candidates. The trial in Braunschweig continues.

Source: DPA

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