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ThyssenKrupp Foundation: Fuel tank price for weak stock price – 11.11.18


ThyssenKrupp's share price was one of the following months: low. Inadmissibility of the expectations of the shareholders creates potential market prospects for potential acquisition. The lower the price, the more opportunities there are, says two Reuters agent. Poor development may not be the chief executive Guido Kohfof's plan for the traditional division of the Ruhr region.

Friday, the Thyssenkrupp shares will be temporarily reduced from 18% to 16.70% – daily loss since June 2016. From the beginning of the year the stock market value of the whole group has lost more than 20%, now it is more than $ 15 billion. Experts called the elevator business only for business. "The cost of the whole conglomerate may attract a financial investor consortium," said one of the insiders. The Elevator Sector created the interest of the Finnish rival Con. Andreas Scyberbeba, director of the division, is on the move, according to Reuters. Elevators and escalators are the benefits of the group, but sometimes competitors' profits are good.


Not only Tekson, but also competitors Otis and Schindler Thyssen aim at the elevator unit, reported insiders. Car Parts and Plant For Business With Construction, But Nothing Worth Does. Kerkhoff also wants to divide it into the future Industrial AG, while Materials AG will invest in a steel joint venture planned by Tata Steel, along with others. Such a purchase would not be easy: a cheap lifts business, a decline in business, and building a mitigation plant are mostly a poisonous tablet, says the expert.

"I think it would be very difficult to comply with the anti-monopoly legislation," says Thomas Wyattfisher, Managing Director of the German Association for the Protection of German Stockholders (DSW). Certainly, low price shares, of course. – I think I will continue Cevian. Sweden's financial investor is the second shareholder of TyssenKrupp, which is about 21 percent behind the Krupp Foundation, approximately 18 percent.

The Krupp Foundation is an antitrust protection. Like the North Rhine-Westphalia state government, the federal government has to rely on the whole company as an attacker. NRW has tens of thousands of Thyssenkrupp employees. The federal government in its turn should not invest all the weapons in a submarine.


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