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Unfaithful! Any food is as healthy as beetroot


Advantages of cucumber health are hard to beat

Cucumbers are often served as salty salad made from glass. Instead of a steady assistant role in the table, beet is a family meal but actually plays an important role. After all, when it comes to healthy food, it is difficult to beat beets. It has recently been noted by a famous nutrition expert.

Anya Gai is a specialist in nutrition and dietology at the Mayo Clinic. It defines the multifaceted benefits of beetle recovery. According to the nutrition expert, rootstock not only grows in calories, but also increases digestion, prevents heart disease, and increases sports productivity.

You have to refuse to compare cucumber. The bottle is one of the most healthy dishes. (Photo: Thomas Siepmann /

Hypertension against measles

"Cookies are rich in antioxidants and vitamins," says Maya in clinical contact with Guy. In addition, beet is rich in nutritious fibers. In addition, they help the heart. "In fact, beetles contain high nitrates, which reduces blood pressure," says the diet.

Universal use

For the benefit of the health of the cat, it should be about 100 grams in diameter according to the Gai. Root vegetables can not be eaten alone. There are many ways to treat or process the beets in the diet as salads, soups, eggs or juice side effects. Even the pizzas have a good effect on beetroot.

Finish tip: first cook, then peel

Anya Gai has a tip to handle: To simplify the cleaning of red beans, first cook them and then wipe them with a peel. This makes it easy to clean the pores.

Acid has high fertility value

Because the beet has about 90 percent of water and 100 grams of root vegetables in total of 41 calories. In addition, beet is rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron, as well as vitamin B, vitamin C and folic acid. (Vb)

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