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Video to "Video Test" section 76


conclusion Fallout 76. 16/11/2018:

The "Internet Drop" experience was unsuccessful. At least the Fallout 76 is nothing more than a RPG-themed game, with a multi-multiplayer connection trying to turn a post-apocalyptic role into a new type of role-playing entertainment. It is technically ill, and even after the first moment it is still a big lagger, which, of course, has led to the abyss of the shooter. There are insufficient controversies that affect the Gameplay and others. an unnecessarily restricted area of ​​the storage compartment or forced abandonment of the NPC, which has become an atmospheric end. The fact that mistakes in various areas have occurred is not only annoying, but also a rare occurrence of environmental scams that are one of the strongest versions of Bethesda Game Studios. However, this post-apocalyptic complains to me because the essence of the self-destructor shines on important points and keeps you on the hook – as a result, it could have been rated anywhere from 57 to 62 percent. But my camp has disappeared several times from the map, and the content built after moving from the "saved" tab to just one of the four main elements of the package is not only broken but actually useless. Say: the important element is simply broken. In fact, good mission lines are always broken by mechanical or technical errors. The bigger damage of the brand Fallout 76 can not be considered in advance. But after about 50 hours of investing, I never got to Bethesda.

The second outcome of Jgg Luibl:

Bethesda can achieve this amazing elegance online experience. In addition to Rage 2, at The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield – there are at least two epic role-playing games for solos. And for this game design, I broke Bethesda. However, the team around Todd Howard must be careful: even though certain role-playing games have shown that you want to go to the same wolves as I do, there is something in between that truth and reality. Along with damage to the image, doubts about future quality are also evident. How to remove Bethesda's adventure in the future under Redhead Redemption 2 or Cyberpunk 2077? It is the "biggest independent developer" that has been warmed to me by many interesting watches, rock stars or CD projects? I like Fallout 4, but I can not do anything with this half-baked mix. By the way, my sheep was gone. But the full line of quests. Some did not want to finish me. The surface system and the counter system have completely led me. If the player does not have a character or a partner, all will scream. Finally, when I was forced to fight with the opponents, I lost the WUA at the end of this mistake. On the contrary, the destiny resembles a well-designed shooter epic! The best thing about this Fallout 76 is that nobody is interested in months. This can be learned from Betheses in Bethesda.

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