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Vienna Insurance: What's really exciting now … ()


The Vienna Insurance Course will be announced at Vienna Stock Exchange on 10.11.2018, 20:29 at EUR 24.29. This document is part of Multi-Life Insurance.

We evaluate this fund with 7 points and consider it as "Buying", "Hold" or "Sales". At the end of the analysis you will find the overall rating.

1. Technical analysis: The average closing price of the Vienna Insurance share for the last 200 trading days is currently 25.05 Euros. Thus, the final closing price (24,28 euro) fluctuated from 3,07 per cent, which is technically equivalent to the "hold" assessment. Let's take a look at the average of the last 50 trading days. The closing price (closest + 1.12%) is closer to this value (24.01 EUR), so Vienna Insurance will receive a "hold" rating. In general, the share of insurance in Vienna will hold the "hold" rating for simple diagram technology.

2. Investors: The basis of investor mood – interaction of market participants in social media around the stock market. Over the past two weeks, the Vienna Insurance was discussed. During the two days, the discussion was mostly positive, and one day the negative messages were dominant. At the moment, there are positive topics for investors over the last couple of days. In this regard, the fund is now "buying". This gives Vienna Insurance a "buying" based on the mood barometer of the investor.

3. Relative Strength Index: The Relative Strength Index, which is shortened as the RSI, establishes the movement of stock prices by increasing the number of movements within 7 days. The standard range is 0 to 100. The RSI of the Vienna Insurance Company is 13.85. This will result in a rating as "purchase". The RSI25 extends the computation period to 25 days. Vienna Insurance Insurance Company – 57.32. This is an indication of the non-resell or non-sales status of the sales, ie "hold". In general, we give this category a "purchase" category.

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