Saturday , January 28 2023

WhatsApp: Old Google Drive backups will be deleted on November 12


WhatsApp users want to automatically delete old chat backups that Google Drive can store on Google Drive, Monday, November 12. In particular, the WhatsApps removal plan only affects Android users and is only a backup of upgraded chat content for more than a year. The service is recorded on the backup information pages.

By deleting the content, only the user can prevent the user from pre-recording or adding new data by creating the current backup. The former backup is no longer considered deprecated.

No action is required if you have not previously backed up Google Drive, or if the latest backup was not already done. Even if you have a Drive-only message on your smartphone, and there is no online storage service available in a short time since Monday, there is no limit to the world – always creating a new section.

You can create a Google Drive backup from WhatsApp directly in the Android app. Then you'll find Settings, Chats, and Conversation backgrounds and go to "Save to Google Drive." You can use the same menu page to check when the last backup was made. iOS users are not yet available to make backups in Google Drive.

The driver's backup has advantages and disadvantages

Backing up a disc drive is useful, for example, if your smartphone is lost or replaced with a new one. You can create backups manually, but you can create them automatically.

Previously used storage space for Google Drive is 15 Grams of free download for every Google Drive user. This is not the case on November 12: WhatsApp backups can now be limited without losing disk space for other content.

Backup makers should be aware that this is usually an extra copy of their backups on their smartphone. WhatsApp messages in Google Drive will not be encrypted there because they are directly in Messenger. WhatsApp needs a warning for iOS users who can keep Apple iCloud talk.

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