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Why six tickets to the lottery can be more than 43 numbers


Why six tickets to the lottery can be more than 43 numbers

VIENNA. For the first time on Wednesday, there are seven times a jackpot on the "45 to 6" scene. The only prize will be 14 million euros, according to the lottery.

Trafficking should be creative. Photo: (APA / HELMUT FOHRINGER)

The path to success can reach 43 – the most common number, which fell 425 times the pit.

At least 340 times, often in the 32-year-old lottery history, took the 33rd place. This round will include 80% to 85% of all possible numerical combinations. Eight jackpot features for lotteries are controlled.

Work hard for meals

Trafficking: Before the start of work (Wednesday, 18.30) 220 transactions are expected in one second, and women and men in savings places should also be creative. Because there are seven times no advertising banners, only five times the jackpot. They need to be coated or painted as needed. "We recently handed over the flags for the six-times jackpot," said the lot's representative.

Twelve million tips have been made

Although more than twelve million consultations were made Sunday, "six right wingers" did not type 2, 4, 9, 14, 41 and 44. More than $ 10.2 million have been left in the saucepan. For example, 14 million euros – six prizes, and secondly, it will achieve the highest level of victory six times. This record came to about 12.24 million euros after the first six jackpotes on December 24, 2017.

The next round of Lotto Plus is about one million euros. This time it was two in six games. The Joker, the lower Austrian two and one sturry each received € 146,000.

Sunday's winners:

2 4 9 14 41 44 ZZ: 18


From 5 to + 79,145.90 at the moment

From € 317 to EUR 1,361.80

797 rectangles + currently 162,40 euros

15 451 fourth, every EUR 46.50

20,910 sq.m. + ZZ is 15,40 euros each

For each 5,10 euro 253,798 thousand

Each additional 1,20 euros and 737,535 additional numbers

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