Tuesday , October 4 2022

Acting MP Nusrat Jahan returned to actor


Actress Nusrat Jahan returns to acting life on Monday as he plays "Asur". Participation in parliamentary elections is a marriage. Actress Nusrat Jahan returns to actor after a few months of life.

Nirma Pavel puts the film in honor of Indian artist and architect Ramkinar Baez. Jit and Abir Chattopadchie live together with Nusrat in this movie. They are the character of three friends.

Nirmasa Pavel Asur has told about the film, he is planning to release the film at the end of this year. Film director Naikete, Amit and Ishan are the directors of the film. The shootings revealed that Nusrat was involved in the shooting from 7 pm to 17 pm on Tuesday. The shooting from Monday to Wednesday ended on the Independence Day of India on Thursday.

Nusrat – Member of Parliament, who won Basirhath from the electoral district of Lockheba in the entire Trinamol Congress of India. She married Nikken Daneuker, an Indian of Jane's. The deputy returned to action: "I was shot for three days; Every moment of my shooting I like it. I had a great break before returning to the shooting; It was very necessary. "

Nusrat Jahan Jain was born on January 5. His mother was also an actress. On May 27, the First Fair was held in the beauty contest in Colchata.

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