Saturday , June 19 2021

After a long break, in the movie

Popular TV host, Opi Karim. Drama, television, presentations, scenes, advertising, dance and research – in all cases talent is distributed. In 2004 he played in the movie. The film, called "Bachelor", was directed by talented producer Mustafa Sarwar Faruki. After 15 years it was reduced. It did not appear in any movie. The TV screen was malfunctioning.

However, Karim returned to the silver screen, but it was not late. She works in the film "Deborah Desire" in India and Bangladesh. At the moment, an actress in Colcata is filming. It is managed by Calcutta Indrani Ray Chowdhury and Jasim Ahmed from Bangladesh. The film produces stories "Manic Bandyopadhyay", "Toxic Love" and "Subala".

Debian of Desire was named "Maya Distributed". But this name changes. The hero of the movie, Karma, is Soma. He is Kolkata's daughter. Married. Her husband and her family have only one child. But her husband is unemployed. That is why you need to get a job at Soma to teach your child English high school.

Kolkata's actor is seen as the husband of Abi Karim in the film. But its name is not a director or a producer. The list, along with other names, will soon be released. At present, the Kolkata shooting revolution is shot in parts of the film, says producers.

Dhaka Times / November 13 / AH

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