Tuesday , August 16 2022

Alternative "Freezing"


There was only one movie hall in Rajahi. The cinema for a gift also closed. Together with Jazz Multi Media, it's also known as Dhan & # 39; releases the film. The film will go from December 1 to the Kazi Nazrul Islam audience of the Rajshahi University. Dzhago Novosti confirms the issue of film production company Abdul Aziz.

Starting from December 1, daily "Dhan" in the audience of Kazi Nazrul Islam of Rajshahi University is held three times a day, 12 times a day, 3 and 6 days.

Abdul Aziz Yago told the news: "There is no cinema in Rajahhiyya, so it is released on alternatives. In my opinion, this will be the most famous of the year. Residents of the city of Raisakhi try to see this picture. I hope the audience will be photographed. Many cinemas in Dackke were sold on the first day of all the exciting releases. All tickets from 2:30 am and 5:00 pm were sold on Fridays.

The jazz multimedia edition "Dahan" will be released on November 30. Raihan Rafi, who played the role of Siam Puja, praised the audience for the film. The film will appear on the first week of 40 films, the film will be filmed. This is the second power of a quick power bout. Tariq Anam Khan, Zaki Bari's mother, Fazlour Rahman Babu and others.


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