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Amitabh-Amir Rachy posted a video


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8:51, 12 November, 018

Amitabh-Amir Rachy posted a video

Though many people were hoping for it, they could not succeed as "Indian warriors." The film, showing the role of Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kahf, did not give any stains. Many social media are drawing. Rakhi Savant went to them, filling the movie, he said, "Hindustan Thagas & made a movie.

According to Ebella, the image of Sawant Rakhi was recently a virus. In the video on Hindustan Thagas, every actor-actor made no make-up. They played very well. There was no such thing before makeup. Each husband needs to show the movie to his wife. Otherwise, these women can succumb to self-harming.

In this video

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Of course, this video Rakhi does not need much time for the virus.

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