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Amuni Junior hit tracks


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Amuni Junior hit tracks

Eamul Hackey saw the sixth time in the junior hockey and the final at the National Cricket League. Spinner was attacked by a Dakhan Divided on Wednesday in a second-leg match. In total, 5 buttocks took 5 buttocks in the 34th embrace of his career in the series. In the match Abdur Razzak detained Elamul. Razakak also has a dinner of 34 times a day.

But after the bowling of Elamul Hacke, the first ball scored 108 goals in Dhaka Division. Daka earned 346 points in his first attacks. Sylhet scored 234 points.

In the second attack, Sylhet finished the day with 4 flights on 102 flights. The team is still behind 6 runs. Rajin Saleh 40 and Enamul Haque Jr 2 were on the turn

Dhaka Metro-Chitagong Division

The Chitagong Division scored the first goal against the Dacca Metro in the second round of the second match. Meto scored 328 points in the first attack. In contrast, Chitagong's initial gains dropped 345. This means that they were taken from 17 runs. Dakkki completed the third day in the subway and ended with 96 runs to 3 docks. The Metron 79 has received the total number of runs


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