Saturday , January 28 2023

Avril is a novelty


Employees Reports November 16, 018, Friday, 8:40

Jannatul Naeem Abril was recognized by the World Boulevard of Bangladesh. From the very beginning it causes debate and criticism. He participated in this race, especially after being married. After that, he began with criticism. He did not regret it at that time. Because she is a child of marriage, "she said. He later told various media agencies that he would work to prevent a child from marrying. But there is no such thing as this. In this regard, Avril has recently said that children will be forced to work in order to prevent their marriage. But now I want to do more. My journey is not a long day. If I can not stand it, I can not work. Then it begins
Abril has not come to a small house through a drama called "This Is Love." However, his dream is to surround the movie. She goes to the movie with Shakyib Khan. Several media reported this information. She will appear in August in front of Manjamin, Shakib, in October, with a film called "Drugs" with another hero. But he did not say anything about the picture. From October, Abril was no longer bound. It does not accept a cell phone. Whether or not his image has started or not. Many people say that they have stopped talking about each subject on a single topic. Nevertheless, many showcases also talk about waiting for Avril. Many people have commented that this fearsome desire is bestowed on the media.

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