Sunday , August 14 2022

Cartoon (video) Sary Ali Khan's proposal is red with negligence


The first film, "Kedarnat" by Sarah Ali Khan, the daughter of Said Ali Khan, will be released in a few days. But he got the subject of news. The issue is the actor's love for Carty.

Recently, Saif Ali Khan and his daughter, Sarah Ali Khan, went on a private TV channel called "Quarantine Coffee". Do not ask Sarma there. To answer the question, Sarah Jhanan comes to meet with actor Cartoon Arian. He also said that he wanted to marry Randy Capur and that actor Karitik loved Ariah. In addition, Saif Ali Khan said, "If you have money, you can take it (Sarah)." Baba's words: "We should not say that. This is not right.

But this news is well-known. The new discovery – When she told the cartoon, the actress was almost shamelessly shouting. The cartoon has come to Mumbai's award-winning function. Journalists want to know it, and what's its point of view? Saratoy wanted to be with her.

After listening to such stories of journalists, Cartoon was astonished. It seemed that he could not believe it. At that time, he noticed some disorder, but now he's in the situation. Then she smiled and said, "Sarah is very beautiful, I want to go to the Coffee Day."


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