Tuesday , January 31 2023

Change the resolution, Shakib … – 702225 | Calero Cantonese


Twenty20 and Cricket Captain Shakib al-Hassan of the National Cricket Team in Bangladesh have decided not to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. On Saturday night, he said, "I've changed my mind. I do not choose.

Tell us why you have chosen the past, and change your mind now. Shakir al-Hasan did not answer these questions. It was necessary to buy party party paper Sunday. Earlier Shakib said he would run for president in the Magura-1 constituency.

Also Saturday afternoon, Secretary of the Awami League office, Biplaw Barwa, said Sunday that Shakib al-Hasan will be nominated for the "Awami League".

According to him, Shakib al-Hasan arrives at the office of the President of the Awami League in Dkmanmoni to get a candidate at 10:30 on Monday. Shakib announced that he would collect documents on nominations for the General Secretary of the League of Arab League, Omadul Kwayer.

The question was asked about the participation in the election of Bangladesh cricket media chair Jalal Yunus Shakirb. "I heard that the captain of the day purchased the nomination" Mashrafe ". But I do not know the case of Shakespeare.

Meanwhile, Mashrafe and Shakib heard about the participation of eleven national parliamentary elections in roaming. Many of the leaders of the League of Arabs have circulated this issue.

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