Monday , June 14 2021

China's One Plus company has Apple's market in India

Sharebiz table: Apple is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the Indian market. But over the past few months, the iPhone has lost its place in the Indian market. On the other hand, China One Plus is on the market. Experts say that even the iPhone has become a problem in the iPhone OnePlus market. The main reason for this is the price of the iPhone. Message: Anand Bazar.
Experts estimate that the average income of Indian residents is a bit worse than the iPhone market smartphone. The Apple phone has recently been released on the Indian market, which cost about 76,000 Rupees in Indian currency. And this price is twice the price of the phone.
Customers pay more attention to issues such as processors, cameras and storage when purchasing smartphones. According to them, the possibilities found on iPhone are more mobile and better available on other mobile devices. So they do not like to buy an iPhone.
According to experts, in the Indian market, Apple has faced many administrative problems. This year, Apple has lost a number of senior Indian employees. Apple has not commented on this. Apple has also reduced the number of their distributors in advance. Initially, the number of distributors was five and now it has two. Thus, the problems in the Indian market of Apple are not just for the price, but for more than one reason. Also, like many other companies, Apple does not make their own phones in the country. They only connect the phone to the phone in India. Its volume is very low. As a result, smartphones can not be rated at prices like other companies.
In India's mobile phones market this mobile phone company has a very good business, but Apple is not. Apple's sales managers believe that Apple has all the capabilities available on other mobile phones at a low price. Seeing that some phones look like Apple, the iPhone has been damaged in the Indian market.

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