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Christens Attack Images are like video games


Events News and Events March 16, 2015, 20:31:40

Daka: Wrath attacks on Christchurch in New Zealand all over the world. The attackers knew the scene, familiar with virtual geysers. Therefore, before the attack on Al Nur Mosque, he said that he was written down for Piddi.

The name Pidipai is unknown to those looking for online world. Pidypie is currently the world's most popular YouTube channel, Felix Shalberg. His fans now consider him Pidayamay. Making funny videos, she also provides an overview of video games. Such video views are quite normal. The man who attacked the mosque also captured the video similar to the video game scene.

Piudypie said she was hurt when she heard the name on the video. On his Twitter account, he expressed condolences to the victims.

During this time, video footage shows the mortality rate of those who broadcast the speed, and social media struggles to eliminate it. If the original video is deleted, its copy will not be deleted. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube also accuse this attack. They also confirm that they are working to remove the attack.

According to the Oxford Internet Institute, an Indian researcher at the Ganesha Research Center, racial hatred is broadcast through video. If social media companies continue to propagandize such ideology, right-wing extremists will appear.

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