Friday , January 27 2023

Demand a Judge to Reason: – 702452 | Calero Cantonese


Justice, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisulu Hacke called on judges to prepare for the truth.

The lawyer said today at the opening of the fourth orientation course for Chief Justice and General Metropolitan Master Students at the Institute for Public Administration Development in Dhaka.

At that time, he told judges: "The people in Bangladesh can not provide the services that they expect."

Anisulu Khake says the society expects more than judges. The society has a lot of social problems that are well-nourished. Family breaks down. Only one member of the family is addicted to drugs to get rid of the family.

According to him, the government's involvement in drug abuse is very cruel. Thus at the end of the training the judges return to their jurisdiction and act in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the society regarding the drug. He said that judges should take into consideration the requirements of the judiciary.

He said that corruption would harm individuals, families, values, society and the country. So judges have to stand up to him.

Minister Bangabandhu on November 4, 1972, gave the people a constitution. In these three sections, judicial independence of Bangladesh is contained in the Constitution, Articles 22, 94 (4) and 116 (c). He said that after 1975 this constitution was aimed at adjusting the interests of the people and party interests and making amendments to the constitution.

According to him, the judicial system is not always free. If judges are independent, Bangladesh should not have been judged for the murder of 21 years. The judiciary was independent on November 1, 2007. But if Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina did not come to the law, judges in lower courts would remain in the Executive Department.

Judges say that the judiciary today is God's will and the guardian of Bangladesh's daughter. But if the next steps were not over, independence would have been very serious.

According to him, the salaries of judges will increase twice. In Australia, India, China and Japan, the efficiency of judges is growing.

Judge Justice Hendekar Moussa Khaled, General Director of the Institute for the Administration of the Tibetan Administration, law and justice secretary Abu Saleh Sheikh Md. Jahirul Hacke also spoke.

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