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Discussion about Mashrafe's decision


The captain of the Bangladeshi cricket team, Oracle Mashrae Bin Mourtuz, strongly responded to the candidacy of the 11th National Parliamentary candidate: Mashrafe fans and ordinary people.

The most discussed topic of social media in Bangladesh on Sunday is news about Mashhrag's joining politics. Mashrafe nominated candidates for the Narayon-2 electoral district on Sunday, at the office of the Duke of the League of Awami League.

Many people expressed their gratitude to this decision, but the media has seen a great deal of heroism, sadness, or disappointment. Many thought, Mashrafe had to retire from politics and join politics.

The model of integration of politics in direct professional sports is not new to world sportsmen. Among the cricketers, Sri Lanka Category Jaiasuria participated in Sri-Lanka's 2010 elections without leaving the international cricket; Later this election became the winner.

Discussion and criticism around Mashrafe

Farzani Romania commented on the BBC's BBC website, "When the country was terrified, cricket was a place where everyone could love each other." If he spoke in foreign policy, what kind of reaction would there be among the people, and now it would be a lot to Mashrafe for the country? Why politicize everything?

"Politics will not be for you personally"

Many people have decided to enter the league "Mashrafe Awami".

Ali Mohammad Hossein writes: "If we want to become the Prime Minister by forming a party like Leader Imran Khan, we will be with you."

Given the political situation in Bangladesh, the question of the image of politicians and their perception of ordinary people have been questioned at different times. Many are afraid that if they are involved in politics, they will have a major impact on the image of Mashrafe.

Ramazan Raj writes: "I do not want to put Mashrafe in jail when I'm old, I do not want the biggest star in the country, and someone who is purely illustrated should speak with someone!"

Finally, he added, "The policy of the country is not for a person like you." Return to the heart of 160 million people.

"It's Up to Politics, They Can Change The Country"

However, many people are criticized, but at least notwithstanding the decision to support Mashrafe.

Many people consider Mashrafe's involvement in politics as positive. In their view, if Mashrafei is involved in Bangladesh's policy, the trend will change in the country.

Arman Malik writes: "Good people like Masafi must come to politics and they will change the country!"

Others say: "The team is a good person, so there is nothing to worry about, so we can take it forward and get ahead of our country."

2019 World Cup and Politics

Many fear that Messe will be involved in politics before the 2019 World Cup. However, if the World Cup productivity is affected, then the captain of the Bangladeshi team should be worried about the fans' concerns rather than worrying fans.

Of course, no matter what the criticism or criticism of being involved in or acceding to politics, it is a personal matter. Source: BBC Bangla


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