Saturday , January 28 2023

Fear does not buy paper money


( Popular nominee Shakyb Khan, Candidate Candidate for 11 Candidates "Receive Nominations". On Nov. 10, the dear Coban Shakib announced the news. But the latest news is that the hero does not buy the face-to-face paper.

On November 10 and on November 10, Shahab Khan informed his favorite site correspondent.

On Sunday, November 11, Shakib offered his candidacy for the current ruling party of the Awami League.

Shakib Khan: "I have changed my mind. I can not buy the nominal papers. I decided to focus on the audience. Now you want to do movies. I want to be the best indicator for the industry.

On November 8, the election commission published a parliamentary election schedule. According to the published schedule, voting will be held on December 23.

The League of Commerce has started selling the nominations since the date of publication of the table. This program goes on in the political office of the President of the League of Imams, Dhammaddi.

Now a number of movie stars and musicians are nominated for the League of Awami. Among them are director Farouk, film director Sara Begum Cabri, musician Mometaz, actress Rokeya East, Tarana Halim and Shakil Khan.

Shakib is currently engaged in "Shahan Shah" film. Shamim Ahmed Roni heads. Fury is against the movie.

Shakib Khan has recently signed a contract for the role of Anisulu Haque, the fiction writer who has been named. This story will be part of Shakyib's private life. It is made from Shakib's own SK Films manufacturing firm.

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